Tips to Keep Boats and Watercraft Protected in Winter Storage – Simple Preparation Can Prevent Costly Repair Bills

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Tips to Keep Boats and Watercraft Protected in Winter Storage – Simple Preparation Can Prevent Costly Repair Bills

Now that the boating season is winding down for many parts of the country, Lucas Oil offers boat and watercraft owners simple maintenance recommendations to complete before putting their “toys” in storage

INDIANAPOLIS (August 24, 2022) – Record high temperatures around the world meant more people than ever turned to boats and personal watercraft as a way to cool off, but now that fall is right around the corner, many boat owners need to start prepping for winter storage. If done properly, their marine vessels will be ready to go for the next boating season, but if not, they could be stuck with expensive repairs or even worse, dead in the water. To prevent these types of issues, a few simple maintenance steps with the help of Lucas Oil products can make the prep process a breeze and keep marine products running like new.

More than 100 million Americans go boating each year according to, and while some are fortunate enough to be on the water year round, more than half live in colder climates and will need to store their boats for the winter. This means some basic maintenace needs to be done to make sure the boat is not only ready for the winter months, but is also protected and ready to go for the next boating season.

Proper Winter Storage Prep Prevents Costly Repairs

Cleaning – Making sure boats, personal watercraft and their trailers are clean and free of residual salt water, dirt and grime is a very important step to preserving all the different surfaces found on boats and watercraft. Hulls, decks, railings, tie down cleats, interior spaces, controls and more should be cleaned thoroughly and inspected for damage. For added protection against winter elements, applying Lucas Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax to gel coats and other shiny surfaces provides valuable protection against moisture, dust, dirt and other elements.

Battery Maintenance – Much like a classic vehicle or sports car being put into storage, it is recommended that batteries be removed and all terminals, battery posts and other connections be cleaned and coated with an anti-corrosion grease like Lucas Oil Marine Grease. This product contains unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers designed for fresh- and salt-water environments. Marine grease is also great for trailer wheel bearings, trailer chassis and other friction points requiring a premium marine grease.

Fuel System – A fuel system is one of the most critical components of a boat or watercraft to prepare for storage. When stored for extended periods of time, gasoline degrades and its chemical properties change preventing it from properly combusting in an engine. The shelf life of fuel is generally three to six months, but can be much less due the age of gas and the organic compounds found in today’s ethanol blends. To prevent fuel system problems in storage, boat owners should add a bottle of Lucas Fuel Stabilizer to slow the degradation process that causes gum and varnish deposits throughout the fuel system. The Fuel Stabilizer also cleans, lubricates and maintains fuel pumps, carburetors, fuel injectors and compression rings. It’s safe for all grades of gasoline and in all two and four cycle engines. Additionally, it is recommended that boats and other watercraft are filled to 90 percent capacity to prevent excess condensation in fuel tanks when stored.

Engine Oil – After a long boating season that may have involved scheduled oil changes, it is very important for boaters with both inboard and outboard motors to change their oil prior to storage. A high-quality conventional or synthetic engine oil, like those offered by Lucas Oil, will keep internal components lubricated and protected throughout winter. Additionally, when a bottle of Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is added to engine oil, it reduces gum and varnish, friction and wear of internal engine components, improves engine oil’s cold temperature fluidity and helps extend oil life.

“There’s no question that boating is one of the country’s most popular pastimes. Being on the water to fish, waterski, wakeboard or just cruise with friends and family is something Americans cherish, but not taking the proper steps to store your boat can cause a lot of headaches down the road,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “We’ve designed our complete line of marine products to provide the ultimate protection throughout the boating season and for winter storage. Taking a little time to properly prep your boat in the fall can make a world of difference when getting ready for the next boating season.”

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