Car Prep For Fall Semester: Vehicle Safety And Maintenance Tips For College-Bound Students

Forrest and Charlotte Lucas


For students planning to take a vehicle to college this fall, Lucas Oil shares tips for getting an auto of any age in the best possible shape to perform safely and reliably; offering peace of mind for parents and confidence for students.

INDIANAPOLIS (August 11, 2022) – Incoming and returning college students are getting ready for the fall semester, and for nearly half of the student population, that means packing up a car to bring to campus. According to Kelly Blue Book, the average car on the road is over 12 years old, and many of these older cars are likely being used by teens and college students. Why? It’s no secret that car prices have soared in recent years, but the average car, even an older car, is more dependable than ever. With regular care, like adhering to a maintenance schedule, inspecting tires, and opting for fuel treatments and additives to extend engine life, families can maximize the value of their older cars – and ensure optimal safety and reliability for the students who drive them.

Prioritize Safety with Preventative Tools and Roadside Assistance 

Essential Car Care – Before heading off for the semester, owners should make sure that all scheduled vehicle maintenance tasks, including oil changes and tune-ups, are complete. Consider getting a thorough multi-point inspection to top off fluids, check brake pads and examine under-the-hood components like belts and hoses, air filters, and battery life that could cause added stress for a student if they fail.

Tire Condition – Checking for tire wear and tear is a simple but crucial step in the college vehicle prep checklist. A common tip to help determine if tires are too worn – insert an upside-down penny in the tread groove, and if the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s time for new tires. The average all-season tire will last three to five years, depending on driving style, conditions, and other factors. So before a student heads off to college for the first time, it might be worth investing in a new set of tires. As an additional precaution against tire damage, students should pack a can of Lucas Tire Inflator, an easy-to-use non-flammable tire inflator and sealer that quickly seals punctures and re-inflates a damaged tire with no tools required. 

Fuel Treatments and Problem Solvers – Even the most fundamental fluid changes can have a significant impact on vehicle performance and efficiency. A clean and well-lubricated fuel system will improve overall performance and longevity. Products like Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner will thoroughly clean the entire fuel system while also helping improve fuel economy. To restore lost power and performance in an older vehicle, add Lucas High Mileage Fuel Treatment directly to the fuel tank, providing an extra boost and benefits like burning fuel more completely and protecting against corrosion. Prevent future wear and tear issues by adding a specialized engine oil additive like Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Lucas Stabilizer is a premium oil treatment that reduces friction, eliminates dry starts, and helps prolong oil life – extending the time between oil changes while improving overall engine performance.

Cleaner, Detailer – Students can keep cars looking clean for longer without the need of a hose, bucket, or visiting a car wash by applying Slick Mist Speed Wax between washes. As a quick detail spray, it’s easy to apply to wet or dry surfaces and cleans and polishes paint, chrome, glass and vinyl decals. Slick Mist provides extra UV protection and can be used in direct sunlight, a bonus for students that must park vehicles in a surface lot.

Emergency Roadside Kit – Regular care and maintenance may not prevent all vehicle issues; it’s a good idea to pack an emergency kit in every vehicle in case of trouble. Useful items to pack include tire changing tools, jumper cables or portable jump starter, flashlight, first aid supplies, a blanket, phone charger, and a container of water. 

“As a father, I know safety is top of mind for parents with young adults heading off to college. At such a pivotal time for families, fuel treatments and other fluids may not be top of mind, but it’s important to remember that regular car care and a few essential products can go a long way to help support the long-term safety and reliability of a vehicle,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “These products offer preventative maintenance and problem-solving benefits aimed at prolonging vehicle life and performance, plus will help avoid costly repairs in the future – certainly a bonus for budget-conscious students.” 

Parents and students can find Lucas products at thousands of retailers and truck stops nationwide, and are also available to purchase online. To find the closest retailer to your home or campus, please visit the company’s Where to Buy retail location finder.

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