New Red “N” Tacky Formula

Lucas Oil’s new grease plant is currently producing the new and improved Red “N” Tacky grease.

Lucas Oil’s Red “N” Tacky grease has long been a top-seller, renowned for its reliable performance and trusted reputation. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve reviewed and improved our formula, offering you an even better product with more benefits. 

Lithium’s Supply Volatility

At Lucas Oil, our core commitment is delivering an exceptional customer experience. An unavailable product simply doesn’t meet our high standards. Over the past decade, the global demand for lithium has surged due to the rise in battery production, making the supply of traditional non-soap grease thickeners increasingly unpredictable. Recognizing this market shift, Lucas Oil seized the opportunity to enhance our grease formula while also ensuring a more stable supply chain. 


Lithium greases were traditionally favored for their superior heat resistance compared to calcium-thickened greases. However, advancements in technology have enabled calcium greases to match or even surpass the performance of lithium greases. At Lucas Oil, we determined that calcium sulfonate was the ideal thickener to maintain the high-quality performance our customers expect from Red “N” Tacky grease.

Refer to the comparison table, which compares our old and new formulas. You’ll see that in every key measurement, performance is either maintained or enhanced. Our grease remains water-resistant, includes extreme pressure additives, and the new formula exceeds a drop point of 540°F. Importantly, we ensured the new formula retains its NLGI GC-LB certification. 

We want to inform you that with Lucas Oil’s new grease plant, you might notice some visual changes in our grease. The new formula has a slightly glossier appearance, owing to the different thickener and improved additives we now use. It is also less translucent and feels slicker to the touch compared to the previous formula. Despite these changes, the rated consistency remains NLGI #2. 


Key benefits of the New Formulation:

  • The new formulation meets or exceeds the old formulation’s performance capabilities and maintains NLGI GC-LB certification.
  • Calcium-sulfonate thickener
  • More opaque
  • More glossy finish
  • Slicker feel – But same NLGI #2 Consistency

Old Formulation:

New Formulation:

Visual representation of the new formula thickness and finish

Compatibility Chart

Performance CharacteristicsOld FormulationNew
NLGI GC-LB Certification
Extreme Pressure Additives
Drop Point °F540°F> 540°F
Water Resistant
4-Ball E.P. Weld Point400 kgf500 kgf
Oil Separation<  6%0%
Grease ThickenerLithium-Complex (LiX)Calcium Sulfonate (CaS)


Q: Are lithium-complex and calcium-sulfonate greases compatible? 
A: Yes, they are compatible! You can see in the compatibility chart which greases work together. However, we highly recommend that with any grease formula change that you complete a grease changeover. We made this video to explain the reasons and indicators of how to complete a changeover. Feel free to share with any interested party.

Q: How do I know if I have the old formula or the new formula? 
A: Lucas Oil has introduced brand new labels for the grease, featuring a prominent and clear yellow ribbon indicating the updated formula. If you spot this label, you can be sure it’s the new and improved formula! 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We can work with you to answer any questions you may have on the new formula and we are excited to share more about our new and improved Red “N” Tacky grease.