National Spring Car Care Month – Get Your Car Summer Ready with Helpful Tips and DIY Video Series

INDIANAPOLIS (April 9, 2024) – The season that features one of America’s favorite pastimes – the family road trip – is just around the corner and Lucas Oil has eight important tips for National Spring Car Care Month to make sure vehicles are ready to hit the road and deliver miles of memories and great times.

Car maintenance might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Many car care basics can be handled with minimal tools and without mechanical expertise. And like most things in life, an “ounce of protection” can go a long way. Lucas Oil has been helping drivers keep their vehicles running strong for more than three decades and these are the top eight tips all drivers should consider this month to get the family car adventure-ready.

  1. Tires and Tire Pressure – Even experienced mechanics can overlook tires, but all drivers should check for uneven and excessive wear, dry rotting, foreign objects, and most importantly, correct tire pressure. Well-maintained and inflated tires offer the best safety and fuel economy. Many tire shops are happy to perform free inspections and basic air pressure checks.
  2. Fuel System – Checking tires is crucial but don’t overlook fuel system maintenance. April is the perfect time to pour in a bottle of Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of gas or diesel for a deep cleaning of all critical fuel system components. Formulated to clean power-robbing carbon deposits, Deep Clean revitalizes a vehicle’s fuel system from the tank to the engine to ensure great performance. For ongoing care, use Lucas Upper Cylinder Fuel Treatment at fill-ups to further clean, lubricate and boost efficiency. All Lucas fuel treatments are easy to use – just pour and go.
  3. Oil Change – Another critical system is a vehicle’s lubrication system. It lubricates and protects internal engine parts which can suffer from dirty or low oil, leading to increased friction and wear. If a vehicle is between oil changes or in need of an oil change, adding a quart of oil stabilizer can help an engine run smoother, cooler and more efficiently. Oil stabilizers add a critical level of protection that eliminates dry starts, reduces oil consumption and more. Lucas Oil has a full line of conventional and synthetic oil additives for any application.
  4. Brakes – Speed is thrilling, but stopping is crucial. Brake systems go through a lot in various traffic situations, so if its been a while since they’ve been checked, feel different when braking, or the vehicle wants to pull one direction or the other when brakes are pressed, it’s a good idea to get them inspected to make sure the pads, rotors, fluids and other components are in good shape.
  5. Fluids – Vehicle fluids like coolant, power steering, brake and transmission fluids and more all have important functions and are critical for proper operation. For basic car care, owners should refer to their owner’s manuals to understand how to check fluid levels and add where needed. Luckily, Lucas Oil makes several fluids that exceed Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications and can be added to existing fluids for easy maintenance and replacement.
  6. Belts and Hoses – Cars, trucks and SUVs all have a system of belts and hoses that drive essential components and carry fluids between different systems. Over time, these parts can wear out and fail suddenly, potentially leading to costly repairs. Regular visual checks for signs of cracking or dry rotting belts, or swelling or leaking hoses can prevent breakdowns. These kinds of issues should be immediately addressed by a qualified professional.
  7. Air Filter – Responsible for filtering dust and dirt from coming into an engine, air filters are also vital components. However, as they age, contaminants build up on the surface of the filter making it harder and harder for air to pass though, which affects driveability and fuel economy. Air filters should be visually inspected and if found to be dirty or past the recommended service life, they should be replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. Windshield Wipers – Lastly, windshield wiper blades should be inspected for damage and excessive wear. Snow, sleet, ice and other winter elements cause havoc on wiper blades so it’s a good idea to replace them when preparing for summer rain storms to ensure good visibility in all conditions.

While these are some of the top things to consider, proper car care also includes all regularly scheduled maintenance, an inspection of a vehicle’s battery, all safety systems which includes seat belts, air bags and horn, exterior and interior lights and a windshield inspection for chips and cracks. Motorists preparing for road trips should also prepare a roadside emergency kit to be prepared for the unexpected, like a flat tire. Something as simple as a can of Lucas Tire Inflator can inflate and seal a small leak allowing motorists to safely drive to a local tire shop for a repair.

In addition to these tips, Lucas Oil and the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) created an instructive video series as a resource for car owners: Lucas Oil In the Garage. Hosted on YouTube, the “Lucas Oil in the Garage” video series is a comprehensive collection of how-to videos aimed at demystifying car care and maintenance. From simple oil changes to more complex tasks, the series empowers vehicle owners with the knowledge to keep their autos in top condition.

“As an organization deeply rooted in family values, we take deep pride in ensuring the safety of all motorists. This isn’t just about Lucas Oil products, it’s also about empowering our community with the knowledge and skills to maintain their vehicles properly,” said Brandon Greene, Vice President of Customer Solutions. “Our products help improve a vehicle’s reliability and that is something we are very proud of at Lucas Oil. However, there are a lot of other simple things motorists can do to make sure their adventures are not hampered by untimely breakdowns. This is a great time for everyone to pause and take a closer look at their vehicles and we are here as an educational resource with lots of great products to keep your car running its best all summer long.”

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Lucas Oil executive, contact [email protected].