Lucas Oil Opens Advanced Grease Manufacturing Facility in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (June 19, 2024) – Lucas Oil, the world leader and distributor of high-performance automotive additives and lubricants, today announced the opening of its expanded grease manufacturing capabilities within its 400,000 square foot production facility in Indiana. The significant enhancement incorporates a new production area dedicated to developing and manufacturing industrial and commercial greases, addressing a national grease shortage that has impacted multiple industries since supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic.

“Bringing a dedicated grease plant online was a strategic decision to increase our production capabilities and have a specialized space that can help increase our output, efficiency and ability to develop more advanced formulations,” said Lucas Oil CEO Morgan Lucas. “By investing in the buildout of this facility, we’re not just committing to quality; we’re embracing the responsibility to boost the industrial sector and the larger economy. This plant allows us to create and deliver superior, reliable industrial greases that can enhance equipment longevity and efficiency, which is crucial for our industrial customers looking to optimize their operations and reduce downtime. Ultimately, this move is about providing a product that stands up to rigorous use and supports a sustainable economic future by improving overall industrial productivity.”

“Lucas Oil has always been one of Harrison County’s top businesses and their investment into the facility highlights their commitment to our community and the state of Indiana,” said Darrell Voelker, Executive Director of Harrison County Economic Development Corp. “This new capability is very exciting because Lucas Oil is not only expanding their production capabilities to respond to a global product shortage, but this will also give a boost to our local economy.”

In addition to Mr. Voelker, other county and local leaders including Harrison County Council Chairman Donnie Hussung, County Commissioner President Nelson Stepro, Harrison County Chamber President Lisa Long and Corydon Town Manager Bruce Cunningham joined Lucas Oil Executives to cut the ribbon.

About the Lucas Oil Grease Plant

  • The plant is part of Lucas Oil’s expanded operations in Indiana and represents its commitment to meet the current and future lubrication needs for all commercial and consumer applications.
  • New grease production capability occupies approximately 25,000 sq ft of the existing 400,000 sq. ft facility which includes an ISO-certified research and development lab, blending and production lines.
  • Plant is dedicated to manufacturing Lucas Oil’s signature greases: Red ‘N’ Tacky, X-Tra Heavy Duty, and Marine.
  • Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease has been reformulated to use calcium sulfonate as a thickener instead of lithium – new formula has better performance in several areas.
  • Research and development of the new Red ‘N’ Tacky grease was done at Lucas Oil’s ISO-certified laboratory in Corydon; the lab also handles the quality control responsibilities for all products produced in both of Lucas Oil’s Corydon manufacturing facilities.
  • Jobs created include management, equipment operations, packaging, warehouse operations, administrative and more.

Lucas Oil’s latest venture not only demonstrates its agility in responding to market demands but also highlights its ongoing commitment to growth within the Indiana region.