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See what Forrest Lucas Has to Say about MAVTV: American Real

MAVTV is first and foremost of Americans, By Americans and for Americans. It's a network built on a legacy of speed, power danger and endurance. It's entertainment for real people featuring real life in all of its unapologetic blue jean and t-shirt glory.

Corona, CA, June 20, 2012 - The new 'American Real' MAVTV will re-launch on July 4, 2012 repositioning the network to reach an underserved segment of American viewers.  MAVTV will aspire to evoke the spirit of real American families living across the USA - - - in the heartland, in big and small towns, and on Main Street USA.  MAVTV is the cable network acquired by Lucas Oil Products, Inc. in September 2011.  Pittsburgh-based MARC USA is managing MAVTV's advertising/marketing campaign rebranding the network.

MAVTV has one single, passionate and audacious goal; to appeal and reach the working class, the midsection and the real deal.  Its programming is designed to rock the soul of the adventurer with stories aimed right at the heart of the nation.

"Our viewers can now look forward to an 'edge of the seat' experience every time they watch the network," said MAVTV President Bob Patison.  "We chose 'American Real' as our brand platform to highlight our new programming which includes high action adventure series, major movies, concerts and white knuckle sports - all aimed at making MAVTV a destination channel."

"On MAVTV we want to deliver original programming that features real life - - - 'steak and potatoes' entertainment, that is compelling and engaging enough for both the 'common Joe' and the college grad," said Jason Patison, MAVTV Programming Director.  

"MAVTV comes from Lucas Oil and Lucas comes from humble beginnings, hard work, big dreams and bold moves.  That's why we believe the 'American Real' positioning for MAVTV is perfect," said Forrest Lucas, founder and President of Lucas Oil Products.  Forrest continued, "MAVTV is entertainment for real people featuring real life, in all its sweaty, gritty, unapologetic blue jean and t-shirt glory."

MAVTV's parent company is Lucas Oil Products, Inc. - a lubricant power-house producing more than 350 premium unique formulation oil products and markets them in 26 countries.  Its production arm, Lucas Oil Studios, maintains its own high definition production studio and produces more than 300 hours of programming for CBS, NBC, SPEED, FUEL and MAVTV.


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