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Matt Gregor uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 2005 Ford SuperDuty F-350 PowerStroke Diesel 6.0L

Although I have never used Lucas oil products in the past I am very leery of putting anything other than top rate fluids in my engine. I run Mobile Delvac 1 engine oil & do engine oil analysis. When my Powerstroke Diesel began to the normal oil ' seepage ' according to the dealer that most diesels exhibit (not showing loss on the dipstick but definetly not dry in certain areas underneath) I began looking for the right additive. While the inital reaction of the dealer was ' this is normal ', no engine (at least at 20kmiles) should be seeping. After reading reviews and testomonials I descided to give Lucas a try and mix in (as directed) a single quart of the Synthetic oil stabalizer and 14 quarts of the Mobile Delvac 1. I go 10k miles between oil changes, REGARDLESS and I change the oil cartridge filter every 5k. After about 1000 miles on this new oil additive I now notice no new seepage from the engine. AMAZING.

What I find even more incredable as well, that I wasnt even aware of, is the oil color just on the dipstick. The engine is about to turn 35kmiles and the current oil has been in there, with the lucas additive, since the last change at 30k. Normally the oil is JET BLACK after about 500-700miles. Well within a thousand miles it looks like the black background of their homepage here. Ever since I have added just the single quart of the synthetic additive the oil is CONSIDERABLY cleaner. I mean at about 5k now it is JUST a deep golden brown color. Still to this time, 5000miles later it is not the normal diesel BLACK color. I find this amazing and am looking for a technical explanantion. Perhaps it is neutrilizing the sulpher? Dont know. But I can only attribuite this as being a good thing and have the lucas oil stabalizer to thank for it. Which I ocassionally use the uppercylinder lubricant it is not with any frequency that I can attribute this cleaner oil to that alone... Regardless. I will be using these products for the remainder of this vehicles life.

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